Laundry area by Tegar Home

Laundry area by Tegar Home

Nowadays the laundry areas are the forgotten zones in every single home. At the end, we just install the washing machine and place the iron in any corner of the house, if there is any space available…

It is in projects of reforms where these spaces return to be a priority , we can solve these issues with solutions as ingenious as this one that comes to us, from the hands of our clients of Sincro, in which they camouflage washing machine and tumble dryer inside a wardrobe that, at the same time, is integrated into the architecture of the bathroom.
These appliances pass completely unnoticed and our wardrobe with folding door system allows us a total opening with full access to the interior.

We can hide these elements in any room equipped with a water intake and drainage system. In the tegarhome that we presented at the Zaragoza Furniture Fair 2018, we integrated a washing machine and ironing area inside one of the wardrobe that represented the dressing room of a home.


In the 55th edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia we presented a new concept, the tegarsmartloft, which consisted of a diaphanous loft of 29 m2, where all the furniture was hidden inside the wardrobe that occupied the entire length of the space. Folding beds and tables, wardrobe and a cupboard for the washing machine, located next to the cupboard-larder in the kitchen area. This is another ideal solution for one-room homes.

And if in your home you have enough  square meters it can be a good idea to dedicate a few in this for the laundry area, it can be form with an exclusive room for these tasks or to form an adjacent and integrated distribution in the kitchen space. We can get a result as beautiful as this amazing laundry area that the Nuub Studio team designed for their showroom, with furniture finished in Green and Noce.

Preparing Christmas

…preparing very Christmassy tegarprojects.

In tegar we are already in Xmas mode…

preparing very Christmassy tegarprojects

A “lovely” forest for future parents.

How happy we are!! We have received images of the fantasy world that they created in the shop Pequeneques de Rivas-Vaciamadrid.


Tegar furniture along with a large dose of imagination and creativity, have resulted in this bucolic space that takes us into a dream universe where we can choose with excitement the accessories that will bundle up our baby.

A lamp hanging from the garden (yes, yes, you have read it right) illuminates a practical central counter surrounded by shelves, low modules with storage doors and panels with light, all combined with the Roble Crack and Carbon finishes. This has been the contribution of our company to this fantastic forest; everything else is a thing of the fairies and pixies of Pequeneques, a shop that will not leave you indifferent, with impeccable customer service and the best selection of products dedicated to the well-being and safety of the baby. Go to visit them!!! They are passionate about their work and will advise you on everything you need to know.

Thank you very much, Pequeneques, for trusting in Tegar.

You can see this tegarproject also in video. Enjoy it!

Thank you very much, Pequeneques, for trusting in Tegar.

You can see this tegarproject also in video. Enjoy it!

Exposición Tegar en Pequeneques de Rivas-Vaciamadrid from Tegar Mobel – Catálogo on Vimeo.


Cyber Monday in Tegar!


At Tegar we are ready to upload and connect all the technology you acquire on a day like today.

We present the electronic complements that are integrated into our furniture.

Qi wireless charger

USB connector

Plastic grommet and USB connector for study desk.


Calm, today we will not present offers, bargains and discounts to buy compulsively; Tegar does not add to this campaign, on the contrary, we consider that when choosing the furniture of your home you do not have to be carried away by impulses, several factors come into play that must be valued conscientiously. So we leave you some tips on trends that may be interesting.


It is well known that fashions come and go, everything comes back, and it seems that at this moment the black color is entering with force in decoration, after a few years with clear domination of white. We are going to see some of the proposals that Tegar offers us to get right in our election.


One of the most daring bets, which your home will not go unnoticed is to use the black colour in all the elements that make up a room. Fill walls, floors, furniture, carpets and vases of this colour … Sure you will impress!


Wood is the element that brings more warmth to any space, and combined with black considerably softens the sobriety and opacity of this colour.


Undoubtedly one of the biggest potentials which has the black finish is to highlight the colours that accompany, even if they are in a small space.


Another way to use black is just the opposite of the previous example. If we use it punctually in a light environment, black will be the colour that will stand out on this occasion.







Another winning combination is the black with marble, another material which is trend, and that together in the same environment will bring to your home a touch of distinction and elegance.


There are various finishes that we can find in the market and all of them equally elegant. In Tegar you can choose between a plain black, perfect to combine with other wood finishes, and a black grain, the roble nero, with a strong character that gives any piece a lot of personality.

Even the wood finishes have more and more marked black grains, like our attractive roble crack.


One of the areas of our homes where the trend of black is entering more strongly is in the kitchen. Even furniture as well as work surfaces, taps, sinks, cutlery and also the pots are dyed in this colour. The black door cupboards in different finishes are combined with natural stone kitchen tops also in black.

As you can see, you can be the latest in interior decoration using our dark finishes in any of your tegarprojects.

Get the maximum space with corner wardrobes

This week’s article can be very useful if you are thinking of furnishing any type of room achieving the maximum storage space, because we are going to dedicate this post to exposing the virtues of the handy corner wardrobes.

These types of wardrobes are fully customizable in terms of measurements, shapes and finishes. We can place them in an “L” shape and thus create a continuity of wardrobes with a lot of capacity that can also act as a “wall” to separate different areas. We can join them with a bed on one side and a desk on the other, and we will have a complete youth bedroom. They can also be used to organize the distribution of a large dressing area. Its possibilities are endless and in Tegar we have different typologies to adapt to your needs. We can combine them with other pieces of our wardrobes program and they are fully compatible with the rest of the products from our catalogs.

If we decide to place the wardrobe next to one of our stackable beds, and we are interested in the depth of this function for storage and maximum capacity, our ideal type of wardrobe is the Superfondo. It is a corner wardrobe of 1 meter deep, 40 cm more than any other type of wardrobe, with which we get much more storage space. These wardrobes can be straight with folding or chamfered doors, and we can join them in “L” with other wardrobes modules, or for example, with a study area with a desk and shelves.

If we do not need a wardrobe with such depth, we have also corner wardrobes with 2 straight swing doors, others with 4 folding doors, others with 2 folding doors and 1 swing, all designed to adapt to the needs of each home, and equally spacious

And if we have problems due to the small size of our room, and we need to combine corner wardrobe and bed in less than 3 meters, Tegar offers you the solution: our MIDI wardrobe facilitates access to your interior thanks to the opening system of the doors. With a measure of 97 cm for the shorter part, with 2 folding doors, and 138 cm for the long side, with 1 swing door and 2 folding that they open 180 degrees, the access to the interior of this wardrobe is vast, although we have the side of the bed really close, which usually complicates accessibility.

These types of wardrobes are ideal for customizing a tegarhome, integrating them with our folding systems in a tegarsmartloft, or for any tegarprojects that prioritize the storage capacity.

Projects that we are passionate about: Furnishing of the Hotel La Laguna (Spa & Golf)

Projects that we are passionate about: Furnishing of the Hotel La Laguna (Spa & Golf)

We are delighted to present another project that we are passionate about. This time we received the order to furnish two different types of rooms for the Hotel La Laguna (Spa & Golf) in Doña Pepa (Alicante).

In one of the rooms the project of the bedroom will be developed in a single space, and in the other type, we will have to furnish two annexed rooms and communicated with each other, separating in this way the sleeping area of a lounge area. The hotel is located next to a Natural Park, in an incomparable corner of the Mediterranean, surrounded by native plants that lead to lush gardens.

The starting point of the project was the choice of finishes that we agreed with this environment, as we decided, we use as base color and unifier our Legno finish, which helped us to give these spaces the natural look we were looking for, but with a especial touch for its peculiar grain.

Two panels in Lego frame the wall of the headboard helping to highlight the image of the protagonist landscape of each room, which is enhanced by the indirect light that hides behind the panels. To locate the electrical installation, we make a double bottom on the back of each panel where we install the plugs and switches. An upholstered headboard with fire retardant fabric and two elegant bedside tables in a metal structure in Antracita colour give an especial touch for this remarkable bedroom.

Another element that appears in both types of rooms is the luggage compartment and refrigerator which in the biggest type of room, as we can see in the picture, we located in the lounge area next to the sofa and this is also complemented by a coffee table consisting of a wood top of 5 cm of thickness and a metallic structure

And just in the opposite side we find a study area, where a custom-made desk between walls and three shelves have just completed the room next to the main bedroom.

And in this last space, we have also found a stylish dressing table which is formed by module hanging on the wall with a folding door in Antracita colour and a diaphanous cube in Legno, and all of this complemented by a mirror cube of 80x80x23.5 cm.

In the single space, we have presented a desk instead of a dressing table, formed by metal and wood angle structure which supports the table top of 5 cm thickness.

In both kinds of rooms, and with the intention of unifying the finishes of each space, we have also manufactured the sliding doors for the built-in wardrobes that they were in the original distribution of the rooms.

Presentation of Tegar Home in Hábitat Valencia Fair 2018

A concept to which we have given continuity in the 55th edition of Hábitat Valencia Fair has been Tegarhome. After the success achieved in the presentation of this idea in the Zaragoza

Fair 2018, this time we propose again the furnishing of all the rooms of a house, introducing some novelties and enhancing our customized Tegarprojects. Like this, accompanying the living room furniture, we show a beautiful Allegro bookshelf that perfectly follows the shape of the door frame. In the master bedroom we customize our wardrobe with folding doors with glass fronts and an interior dressing room, which give it a very elegant touch. Afterwards, one of the most acclaimed projects in this fair, the bathroom furniture.

In the teens section we present a practical sliding- table trunk with removable shelves inside, as a complement to our stackable Premium bed, as well as our MIDI corner wardrobe, ideal for small spaces.

Finally, another part of the novelties that has been in this edition of Hábitat Valencia Fair has been our NUI wardrobe, presented as a rest area, with a confortable bench built into and USB connections, surrounded by standard wardrobes, which have become one of the favourite spots to disconnect from the daily hustle.