Get the maximum space with corner wardrobes

This week’s article can be very useful if you are thinking of furnishing any type of room achieving the maximum storage space, because we are going to dedicate this post to exposing the virtues of the handy corner wardrobes.

These types of wardrobes are fully customizable in terms of measurements, shapes and finishes. We can place them in an “L” shape and thus create a continuity of wardrobes with a lot of capacity that can also act as a “wall” to separate different areas. We can join them with a bed on one side and a desk on the other, and we will have a complete youth bedroom. They can also be used to organize the distribution of a large dressing area. Its possibilities are endless and in Tegar we have different typologies to adapt to your needs. We can combine them with other pieces of our wardrobes program and they are fully compatible with the rest of the products from our catalogs.

If we decide to place the wardrobe next to one of our stackable beds, and we are interested in the depth of this function for storage and maximum capacity, our ideal type of wardrobe is the Superfondo. It is a corner wardrobe of 1 meter deep, 40 cm more than any other type of wardrobe, with which we get much more storage space. These wardrobes can be straight with folding or chamfered doors, and we can join them in “L” with other wardrobes modules, or for example, with a study area with a desk and shelves.

If we do not need a wardrobe with such depth, we have also corner wardrobes with 2 straight swing doors, others with 4 folding doors, others with 2 folding doors and 1 swing, all designed to adapt to the needs of each home, and equally spacious

And if we have problems due to the small size of our room, and we need to combine corner wardrobe and bed in less than 3 meters, Tegar offers you the solution: our MIDI wardrobe facilitates access to your interior thanks to the opening system of the doors. With a measure of 97 cm for the shorter part, with 2 folding doors, and 138 cm for the long side, with 1 swing door and 2 folding that they open 180 degrees, the access to the interior of this wardrobe is vast, although we have the side of the bed really close, which usually complicates accessibility.

These types of wardrobes are ideal for customizing a tegarhome, integrating them with our folding systems in a tegarsmartloft, or for any tegarprojects that prioritize the storage capacity.

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