TEGAR CUSTOMERS PROJECTS: Dental Clinic in Fuentes de Ebro

Comprehensive projects are especially intense, due to the implication of all those involved in the process, but, at the same time, they are also very rewarding. At Muebles Amaya they were in charged of design a Dental Clinic in Fuentes de Ebro, for which, after studying the customer’s needs and proposing different distributions, they project from the main façade the furniture, work boxes, offices… to the signage. And they trust Tegar again.

They present the Roble Crack finish as the main colour, combined with Blanco Mate and Carbón. They design the counter as the main element of the entrance area, in which they propose an inverted L-shaped lining that occupies part of the wall and ceiling and which are illuminated by indirect light. They also propose a mobile divider so that the patient has privacy in the Waiting Room and is isolated from the entrance. In this more reserved space, we find a nice set of table and chairs from our Children’s furniture collection, for the entertainment of the little ones.

In the consulting room, a low bookcase with Roble Crack doors placed behind the Blanco Mate desk, continues with the colour range present from the entrance.

In the Administration office they have also opted for Roble Crack for closed storage modules, although here we see it combined with Carbón, giving the whole a more serious aspect.

In another of the rooms they propose a Sterilization Room with kitchen furniture that has been completed with a corner cabinet by Tegar in a Blanco Mate finish with a lot of capacity to have the products organize.

Ultimately, this Dental Clinic is the result of a job well done and it shows the passion and dedication that Muebles Amaya always put into their projects.

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