TEGAR CUSTOMERS PROJECTS: Furniture Project in Sant Just

On this occasion, the objective of our Sincro clients, who specialize in comprehensive reforms, has been to create a welcoming and comfortable environment in a new-build home, and to be able to reflect in it the style and personality of its owners.

From here, a succession of interventions that culminate in the choice of furniture, where they once again trust Tegar.

For the living room area, they choose the Natur program for the TV cabinet, where the combination of Blanco Mate with the wood of the top panel creates an elegant space with a nordic touch.

A sideboard also from the Natur program and in the same tones as the living room furniture, completes the dining area.


In the bedroom they have made the headboard with plasterboard, forming a horizontal niche that has been lined with our Roble Crack and lit with an LED light strip. At the bottom, the Natur bedside tables, with Blanco Mate fronts and Roble Crack case, star in the composition.

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