Projects that we are passionate about: Furnishing of the Hotel La Laguna (Spa & Golf)

Projects that we are passionate about: Furnishing of the Hotel La Laguna (Spa & Golf)

We are delighted to present another project that we are passionate about. This time we received the order to furnish two different types of rooms for the Hotel La Laguna (Spa & Golf) in Doña Pepa (Alicante).

In one of the rooms the project of the bedroom will be developed in a single space, and in the other type, we will have to furnish two annexed rooms and communicated with each other, separating in this way the sleeping area of a lounge area. The hotel is located next to a Natural Park, in an incomparable corner of the Mediterranean, surrounded by native plants that lead to lush gardens.

The starting point of the project was the choice of finishes that we agreed with this environment, as we decided, we use as base color and unifier our Legno finish, which helped us to give these spaces the natural look we were looking for, but with a especial touch for its peculiar grain.

Two panels in Lego frame the wall of the headboard helping to highlight the image of the protagonist landscape of each room, which is enhanced by the indirect light that hides behind the panels. To locate the electrical installation, we make a double bottom on the back of each panel where we install the plugs and switches. An upholstered headboard with fire retardant fabric and two elegant bedside tables in a metal structure in Antracita colour give an especial touch for this remarkable bedroom.

Another element that appears in both types of rooms is the luggage compartment and refrigerator which in the biggest type of room, as we can see in the picture, we located in the lounge area next to the sofa and this is also complemented by a coffee table consisting of a wood top of 5 cm of thickness and a metallic structure

And just in the opposite side we find a study area, where a custom-made desk between walls and three shelves have just completed the room next to the main bedroom.

And in this last space, we have also found a stylish dressing table which is formed by module hanging on the wall with a folding door in Antracita colour and a diaphanous cube in Legno, and all of this complemented by a mirror cube of 80x80x23.5 cm.

In the single space, we have presented a desk instead of a dressing table, formed by metal and wood angle structure which supports the table top of 5 cm thickness.

In both kinds of rooms, and with the intention of unifying the finishes of each space, we have also manufactured the sliding doors for the built-in wardrobes that they were in the original distribution of the rooms.

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