It is often said that every effort has its reward. In this case it is not only true, but the award comes in the form of publication in the prestigious CASA VIVA magazine, specializing in decoration and interior design. This month it dedicates  a special  report from our client Sincro about one of their projects which is base in an integral reform of an industrial space converted into housing.

We are deeply proud to present this article in our social networks for the admiration we felt towards the interior design studio Sincro, a company with great professionals dedicated to renovations and interior design projects, that we are very lucky that they trust in Tegar for their furnishing

It is a very special project due to the complexity of the whole process (the works of adaptation of the house, the procedures of permits, the peculiarities of the space …), with a SPECTACULAR result !! In it they have turned an industrial space into a comfortable home for a family with two children.

We emphasize the rational distribution of the rooms, with two areas of bedrooms perfectly delimited and separated to favor the privacy of its occupants. The central space is intended for the day area and is diaphanous and very versatile thanks to sliding and modular structural elements that act as separators.

We love the chromatic range and the combination of materials that Sincro impregnates in their projects and that are becoming one of their hallmarks. The use of white in coatings and furniture manages to unify and illuminate the entire space, to which the “natural” counterpoint is added with the noble woods located on the floor and panels. All this, together with some touches of black, give the space an industrial and elegant character at the same time. And the reflection of his personality is given by the color tones used in decoration and accessories, in this case the triad of turquoise, ocher and red. 

With the furniture of Tegar they manage to solve the areas of storage, rest and entertainment, and integrate them perfectly in the architecture, thanks to the unification of tones (total White) and also that they are completely custom made.

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