Laundry area by Tegar Home

Laundry area by Tegar Home

Nowadays the laundry areas are the forgotten zones in every single home. At the end, we just install the washing machine and place the iron in any corner of the house, if there is any space available…

It is in projects of reforms where these spaces return to be a priority , we can solve these issues with solutions as ingenious as this one that comes to us, from the hands of our clients of Sincro, in which they camouflage washing machine and tumble dryer inside a wardrobe that, at the same time, is integrated into the architecture of the bathroom.
These appliances pass completely unnoticed and our wardrobe with folding door system allows us a total opening with full access to the interior.

We can hide these elements in any room equipped with a water intake and drainage system. In the tegarhome that we presented at the Zaragoza Furniture Fair 2018, we integrated a washing machine and ironing area inside one of the wardrobe that represented the dressing room of a home.


In the 55th edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia we presented a new concept, the tegarsmartloft, which consisted of a diaphanous loft of 29 m2, where all the furniture was hidden inside the wardrobe that occupied the entire length of the space. Folding beds and tables, wardrobe and a cupboard for the washing machine, located next to the cupboard-larder in the kitchen area. This is another ideal solution for one-room homes.

And if in your home you have enough  square meters it can be a good idea to dedicate a few in this for the laundry area, it can be form with an exclusive room for these tasks or to form an adjacent and integrated distribution in the kitchen space. We can get a result as beautiful as this amazing laundry area that the Nuub Studio team designed for their showroom, with furniture finished in Green and Noce.

Presentation of Tegar Home in Hábitat Valencia Fair 2018

A concept to which we have given continuity in the 55th edition of Hábitat Valencia Fair has been Tegarhome. After the success achieved in the presentation of this idea in the Zaragoza

Fair 2018, this time we propose again the furnishing of all the rooms of a house, introducing some novelties and enhancing our customized Tegarprojects. Like this, accompanying the living room furniture, we show a beautiful Allegro bookshelf that perfectly follows the shape of the door frame. In the master bedroom we customize our wardrobe with folding doors with glass fronts and an interior dressing room, which give it a very elegant touch. Afterwards, one of the most acclaimed projects in this fair, the bathroom furniture.

In the teens section we present a practical sliding- table trunk with removable shelves inside, as a complement to our stackable Premium bed, as well as our MIDI corner wardrobe, ideal for small spaces.

Finally, another part of the novelties that has been in this edition of Hábitat Valencia Fair has been our NUI wardrobe, presented as a rest area, with a confortable bench built into and USB connections, surrounded by standard wardrobes, which have become one of the favourite spots to disconnect from the daily hustle.

Video summary of Tegar in Hábitat Valencia Fair 2018

And here we leave you with the video summary of our stand at Hábitat Valencia Fair 2018, where we represent the global concept of furnishing #tegarhome #tegarsmartloft #tegarprojects #tegarsystems. Thanks for visiting us!

Moltes gràcies! Eskerrik asko! Thank you! Merci beacoup! Danke! Muito obrigado!

Presentation of Tegar Home in Hábitat Valencia Fair 2018

In the 55th edition of Habitat Valencia Fair we had the opportunity to present our acclaimed #tegarsmartloft concept, which consisted of an open-plan area of 29 m2 where we located a complete house with capacity for 4 people!

The key to the proper functioning of this type of housing lies in the efficient use of every inch, and for this we rely in the strongest point of our company: #tegarsystems are folding furniture (beds and tables) and with double functionality (bed with sofa) that allow us to recognize and have organize the areas of the house that we are not using. We accompany these systems with a sample of wardrobes and shelves standard of our catalog, so that the housing also meets the storage needs of any home.

Finally, we present the concept of projects that satisfy us as many times as we are giving, and that have become the manufacturer in reference to global furnishing. We present here a kitchen area with all the necessary equipment for daily life, completing it with a large-capacity cupboard-larder and space adapted to the area of the washing machine.

In Tegar we adapt to the needs of each client and, when the inches are scarce, the ingenuity happens to play a big role. Can we help you?

All prepared for the 55th Habitat Fair in Valencia

From next Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 of September will take place the 55th Habitat Fair in Valencia, where Tegar will stage the Smart Loft: efficient furniture for small spaces.

As pioneers in global furnishing, Tegar will represent all the rooms of the house.

In 2016 we presented a 16 m2 furnishing with double bed, wardrobe, living room, coffee table and table.

In January 2018 we presented Tegar Home, our most global furnishing: dressing room with laundry area, hall, and full living room with night area and youth room.

And at the Hábitat Fair we will have a representation of Tegar Home and Smart Loft, both to reaffirm our company as its integral manufacturer.

Although in January we saw an advance, our salon programs will premiere in Valencia.

In Tegar we are very excited with so much news! We already want to show them!

Tegar will attend the Habitat Valencia Fair 2018

In September we have a new date in the agenda; from 18 to 21 we will go to the Habitat Fair in Valencia.

This Fair is once again a reference in the national and international scene, and Tegar cannot fail in an appointment of this magnitude.

We are waiting for you to show all our news!