Laundry area by Tegar Home

Laundry area by Tegar Home

Nowadays the laundry areas are the forgotten zones in every single home. At the end, we just install the washing machine and place the iron in any corner of the house, if there is any space available…

It is in projects of reforms where these spaces return to be a priority , we can solve these issues with solutions as ingenious as this one that comes to us, from the hands of our clients of Sincro, in which they camouflage washing machine and tumble dryer inside a wardrobe that, at the same time, is integrated into the architecture of the bathroom.
These appliances pass completely unnoticed and our wardrobe with folding door system allows us a total opening with full access to the interior.

We can hide these elements in any room equipped with a water intake and drainage system. In the tegarhome that we presented at the Zaragoza Furniture Fair 2018, we integrated a washing machine and ironing area inside one of the wardrobe that represented the dressing room of a home.


In the 55th edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia we presented a new concept, the tegarsmartloft, which consisted of a diaphanous loft of 29 m2, where all the furniture was hidden inside the wardrobe that occupied the entire length of the space. Folding beds and tables, wardrobe and a cupboard for the washing machine, located next to the cupboard-larder in the kitchen area. This is another ideal solution for one-room homes.

And if in your home you have enough  square meters it can be a good idea to dedicate a few in this for the laundry area, it can be form with an exclusive room for these tasks or to form an adjacent and integrated distribution in the kitchen space. We can get a result as beautiful as this amazing laundry area that the Nuub Studio team designed for their showroom, with furniture finished in Green and Noce.

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