The Next bunk: the solution for small spaces

Every day we are more conscious of manufacturing for you. Although the rooms are small and we have to resort to folding systems, it is essential to be practical because we use them every day. That is why in Tegar we developed the new Next bunk, which allows us to fold the upper bed to facilitate access.

Apart from this new system, the lowering and closing of the beds is cushioned. The ladder has a safety lock. Flexible lamps, USB chargers and dimmable LED light can be attached to the interior shelves

Your day by day much easier with the systems QB Next by Tegar!

Carlos and Daniel: 24 hours together.

Carlos and Daniel are twin brothers, they share everything! And obviously they also share the room; the solution for them in a small space is the Next bunk. We show you all its functions and advantages!

And if you want to see the news from Tegar and the Next bunk, here you can see our passage through the Furniture Fair of Zaragoza this year.

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