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Some of our clients’ projects are challenging for us as well, and we love them because with them we learn!! On this occasion, with the help of Kiru Disseny from Sabadell, we carried out the complete furnishing of the office building of a multinational company.

It is an open-plan office, with tables distributed according to the jobs (commercials, computer experts, etc.), which also include closed offices, meeting rooms, a laboratory and a dining area with a kitchen.

At the entrance, just to the left in front of the glass door, we find the reception, with a counter for customer service. On the right, a low wardrobe for employees to store coats and jackets, with original striped and handle-less doors that alternate between Blanco Mate and Roble Crack finishes.

As it is an open space, without dividing walls, in the table area (which occupies most of the surface) it has been chosen to place double-sided cabinets that will also perform the function of dividers.

And this same peculiarity is what causes the entire electrical installation to be located on the ground, completely influencing the design of the work tables. Thus, in order to lift all the connections to the desk without the cables being exposed, we decided to manufacture thick legs with an opening interior through which all the wiring can pass, which will be collected in a tray hidden under the table top. From there, only the end of the cable will be inserted through the cable grommet located on the table. In this way, the offices are visually ordered, and the cleaning of the workspace is facilitated.

The furniture in this open area is predominantly Blanco, with some touches of Roble Crack that add warmth, resulting in a neutral and relaxed space to work comfortably, but at the same time very cozy.

In the meeting room we bet on darker and more elegant finishes such as Catania and Roble Nero, without losing the warmth, which will make those hours of necessary meetings more pleasant and profitable. The system designed to hide the wiring is also applied to this table, and in addition, practical multi-connectors with automatic lifting covers have been installed, which will allow us to load or plug in all kinds of electronic equipment that we need to work.

In the common area with a dining room function, several tables have been distributed that combine dark colours such as Carbón and Antracita with other bright ones such as Ocre and Blanco Mate, resulting in a fascinating set of contrasts. Along with them, the kitchen area also manufactured by Tegar, with the water-resistant boxes and the fronts in Blanco Mate with Embutido handle.

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