Environments with a single protagonist tone, monochrome furniture and monochromatic decoration. This is one of the most chic trends of 2019.

It is a very bold decorative style for its great personality, but you have to know how to use it correctly so that it is not too loud. It is ideal to apply it in spaces of minimal aesthetics, since in environments with a lot of decoration there is a risk that something will be out of tune and the sense of this style will be lost, so in case there are many complements they should all be of a similar hue each.

We are used to seeing it in the TOTAL WHITE version, widely used in interior design to create spacious and bright environments that give off a sense of peace and tranquility. As this tegarproject from our Sincro clients shows, they apply it to a bathroom with a wardrobe that hides the area of ​​the washing machine and is integrated into its architecture.

But the most colorful options are those that impact us and make us fall in love even more. In them, a single tone predominates in the environment, and we can accompany it with a touch of another harmonic tone that will give us as a result a feeling of stability, or contrast it with a piece in a complementary color that will add a counterpoint of realism. Here we can see it applied to our MUSS sideboard in Storm finish, and NATUR in Rosa, in environments of the same color.

Another option with spectacular results is the one we see in this apartment that our clients of Muebles Machordom designed. It consists of unifying all the furniture in the same tone, the Green in this case, on neutral or white walls, and contrasting it with a few touches of brown that would be the complementary color.

In kitchens, this trend has a clear protagonist: the color BLACK. Furniture, walls, countertops, taps, pots and even cutlery in the same tone. We used it in the smartloft kitchen that we presented at Feria Hábitat Valencia 2018.

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